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About A Price That’s Right Travel

Our agency is rich in experience. We have been part of the industry for over two decades and have operated as an independent agency for more than 12 years. Additionally, we also have over 35 years of experience in the sales and management market, giving our staff the skills and knowledge necessary to meet any of your travel needs.


Our founder established A Price That’s Right Travel on the belief that the client shouldn’t be “nickeled and dimed.” He truly loves what he does and believes that personal customer service and attention to detail are simply what the client deserves and should expect from their travel agency.

When you need a travel provider, you should feel confident that you are getting quality services at the lowest price. It’s also crucial that you know what you’re paying for. When you receive an invoice from A Price That’s Right Travel, you can expect a detailed summary of all your expenses. There are no hidden fees whatsoever, and you will only pay a one-time fee to our company for our services. We don’t charge additional fees, even if you need to make a flight or name change. The only extra payment you will make will be the charges from the airline(s) themselves. 


Understanding the costs of travel and offering an affordable service is not where our dedication to clients ends. We know that the nature of our job is not limited to the nine-to-five structure. Our agents can accommodate you during office hours from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM EST, depending on your schedule.

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However, our work doesn’t stop there. We are within reach 24/7 through a dedicated line to handle urgent matters. Rest assured that your call will always be answered by a member of our team, not an answering machine. Since our agency anticipates last-minute questions and changes, we make sure that our clients can have confidence that we will be there for them, regardless of the time zone and situation.

Our agency remains up to date with any changes in the industry. We also have a proven track record, experience, and knowledge to provide you the best services possible when it comes to your travel needs. Try arranging a trip with us today, and we guarantee that you will never look for another agency again. To get a free quote or if you have additional questions, contact us.